Amazon MUST HAVES for self-care!

Hey friends! I know, I know - it's been a minute since my last post, but kids, work and planning a Super Bowl party will do that! Anyway, right to the point on this one! Super excited to share this with you. These are 10 of my recommended Amazon finds for self-care/self-love! These have helped me and I can only hope they would help you too because that's what I'm here for! To top it off - they're all SUPER affordable! (See something you HAVE to have? Click on the picture and grab it!)

1. Affirmation Cards

If you were around for my last post - you'll recall the talk about that "mirror work." These will help with that for sure! This deck of 52 affirmation cards are great for those that just aren't sure what to tell themselves. These promote emotional well-being and give you an affirmation for every week of the year. My recommendation is drawing one each week, and reading it OUT LOUD every day, multiple times a day if you need to. You can draw more than one card a day as well, but for me, it helps to focus on one thing at a time! Get yours here!

2. Shower steamers

Okay, so... if you're anything like me (mom of 2 with very little time on her hands) and you don't always get the opportunity for a nice bubble bath with bath bombs and candles - these are definitely a must-have! These are great because they're more natural scented, so it's not overwhelming and just the right amount of aroma to introduce you to shower steamers (if you haven't tried them.) I'm not a fan of overly potent ones, so these are perfect for me! Get yours here!

3. Cleansing Brush

This thing is FIRE!! Seriously... it's got the two sides for cleansing and moisturizing, which is amazing. It's the first thing I've been able to find that isn't rough like a wash rag would be, but it really gets in where I need it to. I can use the best cleanser or moisturizer and my face does not feel as smooth as I would like, but add this thing to it and when I tell you the face feels like a baby's bottom... oofta! :) For real, if you don't already have a cleansing brush - this is the one!! Get yours here!

4. Mud Mask

Not going to lie - I wish I had a picture of my pores before using this because WOW. Like for the first time in my whole life I got my skin to clear up for the most part but still could not get rid of the GIANT pores in my nose... Enter this mask. This will legit help with pores, tightening the skin and getting rid of all the ucky stuff that doesn't belong on your skin! Don't believe me? Check out everyone else's reviews on it - UH-MAY-ZING. Get yours here!

5. Slippers/House Shoes

Y'all. I'm obsessed with these. Working from home, I wear them ALL THE TIME. I love them because they're the right amount of comfy and warm without making my feet sweat. Even if I leave the house though, the second I get back home the shoes are off and these are on. Now I'm sure most of you already have a pair of slippers but c'mon - so easy to slip on and your feet don't get hot, and they don't cost a fortune! Get yours here!

6. Good Vibes Coloring Book

I mean seriously, just check it out... Coloring is a HUGE outlet for me. So therapeutic! I don't know what else to say about this one, but if you like coloring at all - go get it! :) Get yours here!

7. Girl, Wash Your Face

Rachel Hollis is about as real as they come. I did not have high expectations for this book but MAN did it hit the nail on the head. She's literally your every day wife and mom and tells us all about how to CRUSH being those things and more. I can't speak highly enough of this one. If you need that reality check or to know that you ARE NOT ALONE - this will do it. Get yours here!

8. A year of self-care.

Stuck? Not sure how to take better care of yourself? Give yourself the gift of self-care using simple daily exercises. Gain a more positive outlook and improve your overall sense of well-being with this supportive and inspiring guided journal. A Year of Self-Care will lead you through 365 simple, thought-provoking exercises created to help you stay committed to self-care. Get yours here!

9. Foot File

Okay, honestly, this time of year my feet are AWFUL and THIS is the fix. Obviously, we'd all rather just hit the nail salon for a pedi, but if I went as often as I needed to keep up with these feet - I'd be spending a pretty penny! Get yours here!

10. Hair Towel

I'm sure you've all heard not to use a normal towel on your hair - if you haven't - I'm telling you now. GAME CHANGER. My hair has been REMARKABLY healthier since using these. I mean my hair is pain in the ass to begin with but these have helped more than I ever thought they would. Frizz has always been an issue for me and I'm telling you this is the solution!!! (Or at least make a MAJOR difference! Get yours here!

Okay, so that concludes that for this week - I promise I'll have lots more recommendations to come. For real, though, these are the products you never knew you needed. Get you some and tell me what you thought!! Leave YOUR go-to self-care products in the comments! Also - shameless plug, in case you didn't know - I've got MERCH! Would love it if you snag a shirt to help support and promote this new journey! I appreciate you all making it this far with me. The journey has only just begun!

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